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Gina Estupinan


“My journey with senior care is a personal one, as I was my grandmother’s main caregiver. I believe that old age can be a very fragile and vulnerable time, and our seniors deserve all the support they need. In my culture, we value our seniors and are very committed to keeping them surrounded with love and help at home until the very last of their days. I was raised by a generation of parents who taught me the importance of respect for the elderly, showing me how important is to learn from them and, last but not least, to recognize that we will all get old one day and could need someone to take care of us too. After Covid 19 hit the world the way it has, especially to our senior population, the commitment I have towards helping them is even stronger”

Gina is a physician from Colombia, South America specializing in children and senior care, she has always been passionate about helping others in need. That is what took her to this path. She strongly believes that final stages of life deserve to be enjoyed and have all the help and guidance one can have. Coming from a third world country that is so fragmented as hers, gave her the opportunity to experience first-hand how difficult old age can be without proper support and care, how difficult can be getting help, and how often elderly don’t make a good decision. Moving to the US made her understand is not ethnic or cultural related; aging issues are universal and need the right help to be addressed. Her background, personality and experience gives her the chance to be that support for our senior population, and who wouldn’t want to have a Doctor’s first hand help for these matters?

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