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Senior Health: Self-Check Month

February is National Self-Check Month. We recommend checking yourself for different health ailments on a regular basis, but now is a good time to remind everyone of the importance of self-checking. You can increase your odds of avoiding certain diseases or conditions with regular self-checks, especially if you try to avoid regular checkups with your physician. If you are someone who actively takes care of your health and talks to your doctor about all of your concerns, maybe you can take some time this month to talk to family or friends who struggle with self-care.

self check month

If you do not regularly see your doctor, the first step in observing National Self-Check Month is to make yourself an appointment with you doctor for an annual check-up. If it’s been over a year, schedule yourself an appointment, make a list of any changes in your lifestyle or concerns you may have noticed in the last year so you can discuss them with your doctor. It is important that your physician have all of the most up-to-date information about your health and how you’re taking care of yourself.

There are also ways to check yourself for potential illnesses like heart disease or certain cancers. These types of self-checks can help with early detection and the earlier a problem is noticed, the earlier you can start treatment. You can ask your doctor for the best methods of checking yourself for things like lumps or other abnormalities. There are also a handful of websites out there that have great information and can teach you how to self-check. Click here for a resource for women. Click here for a resource for men.

Of course, the best preventative measure to avoid major health concerns is to practice healthy habits. Eating health, getting regular movement in your daily routine, avoiding bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking are all ways to keep your body working at it’s best. Now is a good time to evaluate some of your lifestyle choices and determine if they may be increasing any risks to your health. It isn’t always easy to make changes, but as we age, the better decisions we make, the better chance we have to prevent unwanted health issues.

This National Self-Check Month, take some time to take think about your health and learn the best ways to take care of yourself. Do it for you, your family, your friends, and everyone who loves you. Aging can be challenging, but if you take care of yourself properly and often, you may be able to avoid and extra strain or worry.

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