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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Now is a good time to learn about signs and symptoms, especially if you have a loved one you that may be exhibiting early signs of the disease. As most people are aware, Alzheimer’s Disease causes memory loss, but it can affect every aspect of the patient’s life. Below are different ways that Talem Home Care can help if you or a loved one is learning how to live with Alzheimer’s.

Memory Loss

The most commonly known symptom can lead people to forget, not just people, but things they’ve learned, dates, appointments or events. Having a regular caregiver around will be a helpful and understanding reminder of what day it is or if you have an appointment or event to attend. Caregivers can remind you to eat or take medications. There are so many “little” things that we take for granted, that a caregiver will know to remember on behalf of an Alzheimer’s patient.

Trouble Solving Problems

Sometimes Alzheimer’s may make it more difficult to process a simple problem, like finding directions or a recipe. The patient may remember that have a doctor’s appointment but can’t process how to get to the appointment – Do they need a cab? Is someone picking them up? Can they walk or take a bus? Maybe they know they want to make spaghetti for dinner but simply cannot think of the name for marinara sauce. It is frustrating and can lead to bigger problems. A caregiver will understand that what may seem simple, can be extremely challenging, and they will be there to get them to the proper solution.

Misplacing Things

Everyone can forget where they left their keys from time to time, but the ability to retrace your steps and think about all the places they could be, usually helps relocate a missing object. When Alzheimer’s begins to affect you, that ability to walk through your previous steps to find something is no longer an option. They may also not be able to think about common places to look, for example, looking in a closet for a pair of shoes may not cross their mind. Again, a caregiver will have the patience to to assist in located missing keys, phone, shoes, etc.

Personality Changes

senior placement servicesDue to regular bouts of memory loss and confusion, the personality of an Alzheimer’s patient may change over time. They may begin to be suspicious, angry, or depressed. They are struggling to understand, and it will help to have a caring and understanding support system to let them know they are not alone. Talem Home Care provides caregivers who are happy to be part of the support system.

Alzheimer’s is extremely difficult for patients and their families. No one should ever feel like they have to go through this alone. Talem Home Care is here to help. Our specialized training programs equip our caregivers to help seniors cope with their condition while maximizing their capabilities. If you have any questions about our Specialty Care services, please call us: (407) 537-6434

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