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Brain Fitness & Social Engagement Services

Being actively social and intellectually engaged can significantly benefit our loved one's brain, body, and mental well-being. Staying physically active and socially engaged directly impacts helping the elderly cope with anxiety and eliminate isolation. Additionally, it may also increase a senior's lifespan.


Talem Home Care can help!

We will:

  • Assist in creating a monthly or weekly activity and/or social calendar.
  • Provide a caregiver to engage in the physical, mental, or social activity of your choice.

Why Are Activities Important?

Many studies show that participating in activities like listening to music, singing, and crafts can positively affect seniors with Alzheimer's and dementia.

These studies also show that seniors who regularly exercise their mind and body periodically enjoy longer, healthier lives and may be less susceptible to other ailments. 

Additionally, there are other benefits to having an activities program:
  • Being social helps avoid mental health conditions in seniors 
  • Social activities help seniors keep their independence 
  • Activities help increase communication with seniors 
  • Recluse, lonely seniors show a decline in cognitive function 
  • Increased mental activity can lead to increased physical health Activities to help with depression, which affects a significant number of seniors. Staying socially active extends life expectancy

Your Family is Our Family

No family should experience the stresses of aging without the needed information to make the best decision. Our Certified Senior Advisors® are dedicated to providing compassion, dedication, professionalism, and advice to give the reassurance we all need when helping our loved ones.   

Contact us today to start the conversation on how our core values and philosophy of care can help you and your family.

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